Nevada Real Estate Academy Policies and Procedures

Enrolling in School  

You may enroll by contacting the school, executing an enrollment agreement and paying the required fees.  You may also enroll by using the “secure registration form at our web site,  Fees are due by the first day of class or before materials are picked up or shipped to a home study/correspondent student.  Seating is limited, so to assure a seat in the class, enrollment and payment of fees should be completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the first class, but no-later-than three days prior to the beginning of any class.  You should possess basic reading, writing and mathematical skills in order to achieve this course. By signing the enrollment agreement, you are stating that you possess those basic skills.


You will be supplied a textbook for all courses and a study guide for the courses that require one.  The fees for the material are included in your total fees. Refund for texts will be granted provided that the texts are returned unused and undamaged no later than the first day of class. There shall be no refund for texts for home study correspondence students (see refund policy, below).

Refund Policy for Students Enrolled in Classroom Instruction

If the student cancels enrollment prior to start of instruction, there will be refund of the above fees, less a registration fee of 10% of the tuition amount.  After the start of instruction and before 60% of the course has been completed which is the 12th session for the 90 Hour Student; 16th Session for the 18 Hour Student, the school has received a refund request in writing from the student, a refund will be made less: 1.) 10% of the tuition as a registration fee; 2.) a pro rata amount of the tuition determined by the first day of instruction to the last day of attendance by the student.  No refund of tuition will be granted after 60% completion of the program.  Refund for texts will be granted provided that the texts are returned unused and undamaged no later than the first day of class.  If the school cancels the selected course, there will be a full refund to the student.  Nevada Real Estate Academy will issue all refunds within 15 calendar days upon receipt of the written cancelation request. 

Refund Policy for Home Study/Correspondent Students

Refunds will be based upon:  a twenty-one (21) day period of time, which is the minimum completion time for the 90 Hour Course. Three (3) day period of time for the 18 Hour Course.  The time begins to run the day that the student has picked up or has received the course materials. All of the above apply, except the course will be 60% complete as of the 12th calendar day for the 90 Hour Course and 2nd calendar day for the 18 Hour Course after the student has received the curriculum. Refund for texts will be granted provided that the texts are returned unused and undamaged no later than the first day of class.  Nevada Real Estate Academy will issue all refunds within 15 calendar days upon receipt of the written cancelation request.

Student Indemnification Account

Should a student suffer damage as a result of closure of the school, or a violation of NRS 394.383 through NRS 394.560, or any regulations adopted pursuant thereto, the student may make application to the Administrator of Commission on Postsecondary Education for indemnification.

Placement - Referral Service

As a student attending The Nevada Real Estate Academy, you are invited to consult with the Director about your real estate career.  However, we do not guarantee placement with any real estate office.  For your information, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties (702-796-7777) does offer a pre-licensing tuition reimbursement program and continuous sales training programs for newly licensed affiliates.  Nevada Real Estate Academy  is associated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties, however you are free to affiliate with any Broker or Developer of your choice. 


We have 3 facilities.  Our GV Classroom is located at 3185 St. Rose Parkway Suite 100 Henderson, Nevada 89052 and consists of 14,527 sq. ft. of classroom and administrative areas and has a maximum classroom capacity of 60 pre-licensing students.  Our Summerlin Classroom is located at 10777 West Twain, Suite #333 Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 and has a classroom capacity of 30 pre-licensing students.  Our SW Classroom located at 8337 West Sunset Road Suite #160 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 has a classroom capacity of 50 students.  The school has appropriate audio-visual equipment for your enjoyment and enrichment during the classroom sessions.

Attendance Requirements  

Classroom instruction - If you elect to enroll in the classroom curriculum, you are required to attend 100% of the classes. You must sign in and out of each class.  You are allowed to make up to two (2) missed classes in subsequent scheduled classes provided that you make up the classes and complete the entire program within 12 months after enrollment.            

Home Study/Correspondence Instruction  - Although no classroom attendance is required, Nevada Real Estate Academy allows the Home Study/Correspondent Student to attend any or all-live classroom sessions free of charge, 90-hour correspondent Students may complete the course work no sooner than 3 weeks and no later than one-year of the enrollment date.  The 18-hour student may complete the course no sooner than 3 calendar days and no later than one-year of the enrollment date.  Should any correspondent student not complete the program within the one-year time frame, the student will be required to repurchase and retake the entire program. As stated above, Correspondent students may sit in on any and all live class sessions free of charge.

Student Conduct and Performance   

Students are expected to maintain decorum and dress appropriately for a classroom setting.  The administration has the right to request that a student leave the classroom for disorderly or inappropriate conduct. Questions may be asked during the lecture if the question is appropriate to the subject being discussed.  Otherwise, questions may be asked of the instructor during the scheduled breaks. 

Additional test questions will be given at the end of most sessions.  These questions will measure the depth of  your understanding of the material presented.  The quizzes will be corrected in-class the next day.  You will also be given homework, which includes a reading assignment for the topic (s) of the next session, as well as assignments in your student guide covering the material presented in class that day.  The assignment will be reviewed at the beginning of the next session.  Your maximum learning rate will be enhanced by faithfully completing your homework assignments and to be on-time for each classroom instruction session.

No Guarantee of Passing the Examination

There are no guarantees, neither expressed nor implied, that the student who successfully passes the course will pass the licensing examination.

Testing - Classroom Instruction and Correspondence Programs

There will be two Progress Examinations given at the 8th session (covering sessions 1-8) and 13th session (covering sessions 9 - 13) and one practice examination after the 17th Session.  The exams will be completed by the student at home and returned to the school for grading no later than the beginning of the next session.  The grades will be entered into the student’s file and transcript.  A grade of 75% or more is considered passing.  If you are having difficulty with the material, consult with the school staff.  If you score less than 75%, and with permission of the school administrator, you may take the test again.  The 18-hour Student will have one practice examination to complete.

There will be a comprehensive closed book final examination on the last day of the course including 80 Questions of a national nature and 40 questions from state law.

Exam may be taken only once per day!

The Nevada Real Estate Law course (18 Hours) will have only the final exam of 40 questions covering Nevada Law. Required passing score is 75%. If you score less than 75%, you may retake the exam at a later date, with permission of the school.

Any student found compromising the integrity of the test by dishonesty, will be immediately dismissed from The Nevada Real Estate Academy and denied a Certificate of Completion.

For a Printable Version of the Policies and Procedures Please Click this Link  - COURSE CATALOG

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